Pz IV upgrades from OKB Grigorov: 40cm tracks and steel wheels

The PzKpfw IV is a popular machine in the modelling community, and many companies have produced kits in 1/72. The weak point on the majority of those sets are the tracks and wheels.

OKB Grigorov produces over 30 different sets for the Pz III and IV family of vehicles. There are tracks, road wheels, idlers, return rollers and sprockets. With the recent additions to my collection I was looking to replace the vinyl and DS tracks with a more detailed, durable, and easier to work with option, so below you will see images of

You get the regular zip-lock bag with paper header, and 6 lengths of track inside:

Then you start looking at the detail, and there’s a lot of it to enjoy:

The steel wheels can be used on the front bogeys on Pz IV ausf H and J, and related late-war vehicles like Jagdpanzer IV, Brummbär, or any other damaged & repaired, imaginary, etc. vehicle on the chassis you can equip with those wheels in random positions or hang on the spare rack.