Building Dragon’s AAVP7A1 RAM/RS

Alright, it’s been a while since I started this kit, and the source of the delay has been the overspray due to cracked airbrush nozzle.  While waiting for a replacement I replaced most of the detail on the top.

I removed the antiskid plates (don’t ask – don’t tell) and re-did the antislip coating only. Few of the original plastic handholds are still in use, most were replaced with wire – as were the DML PE parts, since most were too flimsy and two-dimensional. I also added the rope tie-downs at the 4 corners.

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OKB Grigorov 1/72 T-60 (late), kit 72003

OKB Grigorov - T-60 box
OKB Grigorov – T-60 box

This tiny, but important tank, is the third venture of OKB Grigorov into the “complete AFV kits” world. The set is completely made up of resin castings (23 parts) and etched metal (two frets with a total of 32 parts). It represents the later variety of the T-60: the road wheels and the idler are identical and maximum armor thickness reached 35mm.

To protect “the precious” the company has placed it in a small, sturdy box – everything carefully packed in bubble wrap.

Inside the T-60's box
Inside the T-60’s box

You can see that resin castings and the etched frets are in separate zip-lock bags to prevent loss, bending and scratching.

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Revell 1/72 RF-4E Phantom II, kit 04308

Box top
Box top

This Revell kit represents the main NATO version of recce Phantoms in 1/72. It’s the first of the Phantom kind in my collection, but certainly not the last one. My issue is set to depict eiher a commemorative all-black scheme for the disbandment of AG52 (Recce Group 52), or a regular AG51 “Immelman” bird, painted in the “Norm 83” pattern of three greens.

The attractive scheme is achieved using the decals below. The main artwork for the aircraft bottom has been pre-cut by Revell to match the various gear covers when open.

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