Zvezda MG-34 teams, kit 6106

The famous German MG 34 infantry machine gun and its role in WW2 combat  needs no introduction. Zvezda of Russia allows wargamers and modelers alike to add TWO machinegun teams to their colletion with this set.

There are two identical sprues with a MG, a shooter, a spotter, a base and a flag plate on each. I personally am fond of the quality of the sets, and consider the details adequate for the scale. There’s a noticeable seamline down the middle of each figure, but that should clean with a pass or two of the modelling knife.

The sprue gates appear reasonably thin for the scale – they are perhaps intended to be easily broken by non-modelers. There are locating pins and holes on all the parts (include , so you can complete the sets without glue – or easily align the parts when you are using any.

Onto the pics:

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