AAVP7A1 RAM/RS complete (DML 7237)

It’s finally done. After the splattering nozzle my masterful hobby-time organizational skills delayed this pic set.

Tracks: as most of them is rubber – Revell 78 was used to mimicking the areas. Glued over the wheels (sand center + 78 again for the rubber bandages) with Loctite gel. Inserted Q-tips to provide the sag – worked like a charm!

Cupola vision blocks were done the following way:

– the recesses were brushpainted Tamiya XF-11;

– Revell enamel transparent blue was mixed with their own gloss cote and painted over the XF-11;

– transparent epoxy glue was applied to the recesses and let dry.


Commander’s and gunner’s frontal vision blocks are pieces of DVD.

The muffler is the original assembly covered in putty, painted Revell 37 and covered in several shades of Koh-I-Noor pastels before completely dry. The smoke on and arount it is Agama Black, applied with a soft brush.

Camouflage (masked off with sausages from UHU Tack):

– green: Revell 360 + a drop of Revell 46;

– chocolate: Revell 37;

– black: Revell 78.

Tools: everything but the shovel (kit stock) is modified Attack resin castings – very fragile and with sprue gates at all the wrong places.

Dirt is woodworking putty, dissolved in water, then applied with a stiff brush over the appropriate area. Agama’s Sand patinator was used overall, with Dust used on selected areas to tone down the yellow a little bit. Leaks were done with thinned Burnt Sienna water-soluble oil paint.

For the thinner layer of dirt higher up the hull the putty was further thinned with water and a drop of dishwashing liquid was added. The resulting mixture was airbrushed using 0,4mm nozzle and low pressure.

Antennas are stretched sprue, thicker portions (incl. tips) are Loctite Gel.

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