AT-T from OKB Grigorov

The weathered and completed (as of today) model. Added:

– windshield wipers – “wiped area” masked off, the rest sprayed Vallejo satin varnish;

– idlers, drive wheels and tracks;

– fire extinguishers;

– 0,3mm winch cable with scratch-built hook;

– 0,6mm RB Models tow cables with kit eyelets;

– headlamps (blackout lights);

– windows in the doors, attempted imitating seals with acrylic gel and paint;

– weathering, and a lot of it. An experiment with a new technique went so far as to lead to completely strip-down of  the paint on the hull/cargo bed assembly.

Here’s a more detailed account of the weathering applied:

There are multiple layers:
– Vallejo Russian green basecoat;
– thinned Revell greens, mixed with mat varnish for the “discolored” areas;
– grey texture paint (with stone particles etc.) for the mud on the hull tub/mudguards/flaps;

– Vallejo camo black brown for progressive coloring of the muddy deposits (the lower – the darker);

– airbrushed diluted putty for the dirty areas;
– chalk pastels for worn areas;
– Agama patinators for dust, dirt and smoke;
– Tamiya X-11 chrome silver for the metal effect;
– Thalens water-soluble oils (Burnt Sienna and Paynes Grey) for the leaks;
– Vallejo satin varnish to top it all off.

I am most satisfied with the result of Vallejo products, especially the varnishes, and will continue using them.

The bottom row shows some familiar objects for size comparison – a Revell T-72M1 and a 14ml paint tinlet.