Built 1/72 BMPT “Terminator” from Zvezda’s kit 5046

Well – happy post #100 to me 🙂

Zvezda BMPT “Terminator”, kit 5046
Zvezda BMPT “Terminator”, kit 5046

The BMPT (marketing callsign “Terminator”) is a Russian fighting vehicle, based off a T-72/T-90 chassis with a 5-man crew. It is intended as an urban warfare vehicle supporting main battle tanks and infantry. Armament consists of

  • 4 Ataka ATGMs on the turret sides (up to 6km range),
  • two 30 mm 2A42 cannons (known from the BMP-2) in the center,
  • and a PKTM machine gun (7,62x54mm) at the top.
  • Two AGS-17 grenade launchers in the front sponsons further add to the firepower.

The machine is clad into reactive and bar armor from all sides, and the kit represents that very well. Not everyone “gets” the vehicle (even the Russian MoD hasn’t ordered any), so the only customer to date is Kazakhstan. Since I am tired of seeing the same 2 examples in reports from arms expos and the thing looks a bit too post-apocaliptic – I devised a scheme of my own. Markings come from Dragon Humvee set and a Space Marine set.

Wheels are resin OKB Grigorov items used on T-90MS and T-72B3M3 “Tank biathlon edition”.

Tracks are (unsurprisingly) OKB Grigorov’s own T-90 ones. I refuse to fight the plastic ones, plus these look  a ton better.

The rest is from the box – no filler was required to build this kit. Fit is so precise the guns are still moving up and down after a coat of primer, all the camo and sealing work. Just awesome.

I wish the panoramic sights were molded separately to further increase the visual appeal of this already very attractive machine.