Horch 108 and FLAK 38, Dragon 7422

I painted the entire composition with Revell enamels – 79 being the main color and 57 as well as mixes of the two used to vary the shades in different places. I also added the white rectangles on both the Horch and trailer fenders, but these almost disappeared under the dust I applied later.

Seats were brushed with Revell 381 and given a thin acrylic wash to accentuate the molded-on uneven surface (again a nice touch by Dragon). Tires were sprayed Revell 78 to simulate a bleached/dusty effect, and then added to the vehicle body and the trailer. The exhaust pipes and muffler were basecoated with Revell 37 to simulate rust and glued on the vehicle. I then proceeded to add some metal chips by drybrushing Tamiya’s X11.

MM Gun Metal cover the pintle-mounted machine gun, the FLAK barrel and ammo magazines. The MG 34’s grip and buttstock, as well as the steering wheel, were painted Revell 06 black. Dry pigments were used for the dirt and dust, and the whole affair was sealed with Vallejo acrylic matt varnish.

Based on my experience with the build I’d say that the construction sequence is logical and easy to follow, the fit is good, external details are nicely reproduced. The thick vehicle body walls have been the only real letdown of the kit. About 8 hours were needed to complete this combo as shown, and the build could have been even quicker if I built it straight OOB.