Complete: 1/72 Pz III Ausf. L, Dragon kit 7385

The last pic in the previous post shows I forgot to add the PE plate between the upper hull and add-on armor, so I had to add it and paint it separately. Hatches and and some small details were added next. I then proceeded to spray the brown spots using diluted Revell brown under very low pressure. MM Burnt Metal was used to detail paint the S-hooks, tank jack, etc.

The decals were fixed using Mr. Mark Softer.

The wheels were added next, then the right side track run was superglued on. To my horror it turned too short, so I had to stretch it with most of it already stuck on the model. It ain’t a particularly pretty sight.

I then overstretched the left track – the excess shows well in the sag between the return rollers. Diluted sandy-ish mix was used to simulate the dust, with layers progressively increasing top to bottom. Black pigment was used for the exhaust and guns, a bit of ink to simulate a leaky roadwheel hub, some sand, dust and white pigments added more convincing dusty finish. These were all sealed, then I used dark was in selected areas to highlight details. After removing the excess it was again sealed with Vallejo matt.

You can see the result below.